The Tour

Join us for a driving tour of Communist era in Bucharest.

We are riding in a ‘80 Dacia, a dissapering relic of the hardest years of Nicolae Ceausescu’s regime.

Discover the Beloved Leaders’ Pharaonic designs as well as the grey apartment buildings where life has had a slow pace of change.

All the while you‘ll be listening to patriotic songs and hits from the Golden Age. Seated in a symbol of the period, an artifact that has almost gone extinct – the Dacia 1310 – you will see the places where Romania’s recent history has been written:

The Royal Palace – where Romania’s last king was forced to abdicate by the communist insurgency

The House of Press – the imposing building where all the lies and official truths of communism had been written for almost 50 years

The People’s House – Europe’s largest building shrouded in urban myths and hidden truths about the many sacrifices that went into constructing it

The Revolution Square- the place where Nicolae Ceasusescu held his last public address before fleeing in a chopper from a mob of booing

The Ghencea Graveyard – the resting place for the dictatorial couple Homemade lunch/dinner in a well preserved traditional communist apartment, served by the owner.

To better immerse our travelers into the Golden Age we have equipped our Dacia with communist newspapers, books, insignia, party member booklets and other memorabilia.

We have salvaged the music of the period and recorded it on cassettes so to relive Communist Romania in sight and sound and taste.

Come amongst friends to enjoy the Dacia Communist tour!

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