The Dacia

On her real name Bombonica(Sweetie), our Dacia is ready to become an oldie but goldie.

An original version fromn late ‘80s, Bombonica was given a new look.

The tapisery is inspired from old comunist stamps, really popular with children of “Golden Age” era. The badges were collected from relatives,friend and old markets. Same with the magazines and the newspapers. As for the glass fish, it used to be one of the “must have” of those times.

Almost extended by a govermental program of the auto-park renewal, Dacia is getting a nostalgic cool look when seen on the street.

But the real cool feeling is on the inside!

And with the help of some specially selected music, you’ll sure get into the mood.

It’s not supposed to be a history lesson, it’s just a different perspective!

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